Cabinet:  22w x 9.75h x 8.4d  inches, 30 lbs.
Warranty: 3 years on everything but tubes (60 days)

Take a ride with Benjy Johnson as he demonstrates the Vostok, recorded dry in lo-fi off the camcorder.

Vostok in the studio, with a variety of amp settings

(recorded and produced @ Earthtones Recording Studio)

The Vostok-60 is inspired by a line of popular Russian amps, made for a short time back in the 1990's.  This design replaces the cheap parts and adds new features that greatly expand the great ideas in the original unit.  Each channel now is remote controlled, with separate gain and master volume controls.  Three way EQ with wide ranging controls allow you to easily cover rock from classic to modern.  Other features include a cabinet voiced line-out jack, 4/8/16 impedance switch, and ground lift switch. Very conservatively rated at 60 watts RMS from a pair of EL34B power tubes, the hallmark of this amp design is thick harmonic rich tone at any volume, with an enormous bottom end.

VOSTOK-60    $2,400.00
VOSTOK-100   $2,650.00  

VOSTOK-150   $2,850.00     

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Custom padded Tuki cover:  $105.00
Matching 2x12 and 4x12 cabinets available, call for price and details

Top Quality Components:
•Silver plated Teflon wiring       
•SOZO coupling caps
•F&T high voltage caps        
•Cliff  jacks
•Carling switches           
•Alpha pots
•Silent remote channel switching system
•Huge Mercury Magnetics transformers (3)
•Finger jointed Baltic birch cabinet
•Optional 100 watt dual KT88 version

All Tube Signal Path:   EL34B   EL34B   12AX7   12AX7   12AX7   12AX7