The Eminence Legend 1058 guitar speaker takes classic tone a step further. Vintage American tone with punchy lows and warm, smooth, bluesy mids and highs. Fatter Legend 1028K tone with more depth. This 8 ohm cabinet will handle up to 300 watts, and works great with lower wattage amps because the speakers are very efficient.​


Tuki soft padded cover $110.00

This wall of speakers is what we consult when it comes time to match speakers to a particular amplifier, because there is no substitute for hearing a speaker live.  Each speaker has its own semi-open back enclosure and connector for auditioning single and multiple combinations.  We encourage our local customers to come experience a shoot-out against 28 premium models, featuring WGS and other brands.



Ultimate 4 x Ten Cabinet

The secret to this exceptional cabinet, is due to a 16% larger volume inside as compared to a vintage Fender Bassman cabinet, together with a staggered speaker placement on the baffle board to eliminate standing waves inside the cab. Dimensions 27H x 22W x 10D inches, 39 lbs. Note: the cabinet front is angled, top depth is 9  and bottom is 11 inches.