Standard Cabinet

  Size: 11D x 22W x 18H  

Our Standard cabinet is available in a slant or straight version with open or closed back. Size: 11D x 22W x 27H   Can be loaded with 4 ten's, 2 twelve's, 6 eight's. Call for quote to load it with your choice of speakers.

Empty cabinet: open back $460   closed back $490

Tuki soft padded cover $110.00

This wall of speakers is what we consult when it comes time to match speakers to a particular amplifier, because there is no substitute for hearing a speaker live.  Each speaker has its own semi-open back enclosure and connector for auditioning single and multiple combinations.  We encourage our local customers to come experience a shoot-out against 28 premium Eminence and Jensen models.



Compact Cabinet
This cabinet is open back $450 empty

call for quote, loaded with your choice of speakers

baffle options:  2x10  10+12  4x8  1x15

(add $25 for any closed back version)

10+12 cabinet loaded with Governor & Ragin Cajun speakers  $625  35 lbs.

2x10 cabinet loaded with two Jensen Jet Tornado speakers  $695  28 lbs.

2x10 cabinet loaded with two Red Fang Ceramic speakers  $620  31 lbs.

Tuki soft padded cover $105