50 watts /10 watts RMS, 4/8/16 ohms

120 watts /50 watts RMS 4/8/16 ohms

 dual speaker jacks

Remote channel  foot switch included

22 x 10 x 9.4 inches, 31 lbs. 50 watt

22 x 10 x 9.4 inches, 45 lbs. 100 watt

3 year warranty, 60 days tubes

Price: $2,400 50 watt    $2,800 120 watt

Optional Tuki padded cover: $99

SJ50  SJ120


We start with the signature MegaTone layout where all the tubes are prominently displayed in the front, and a cabinet design where function and art become one.  The build is rugged point-to-point construction on a thick welded steel chassis with stainless hardware. We add a separate gain control for the lead channel, plus a switch to select between a variety of distortion voices or “colors”.  It has a great sounding low power mode, created by separate B+ windings on the custom power transformer. There is a series effects loop, and true ground lift switch.  The whole thing is made with only the best stuff!

A legendary amp built to commemorate a 50 year anniversary, celebrated by Slash and Joe Bonamassa was the inspiration of our SJ head. We took the liberty of upgrading the quality of the transformers, coupling caps, wiring layout, and flimsy circuit boards that are all a mass produced compromise. This is truly the MegaTone “what-if” rock amp.


Custom Mercury Magnetics Transformers (3)

Low noise power supply, FRED rectifiers

Sprague Atom and F&T high voltage capacitors

SOZO vintage mustard coupling capacitors

Metal film/metal oxide resistors resistors

Alpha pots, Cliff jacks, Teflon & silver wire in tone path

Tubes 50 watt:  EL34B (2)  ECC83’s (3)

Tubes 120 watt:  KT120 (2)  ECC83's (2)  6BR8A (1)

Baltic birch finger jointed cabinet



Shown with optional 2x12 closed back slant cabinet.

MegaTone Amps presents a new interpretation of an iconic rock amp standard.