Knight P.A. head from early 1950's

Restored with new matching extension cabinet.

12 watt GIRTH MASTER, built from a vintage

Bogen amp with custom control panel and

cabinet refinishing.  6V6's run class-A

Trainwreck Express clone built in

Knight PA amp.

 15 watt broiler oven amp...   DING! your food and tone is ready!

Bell amp chassis from the mid 1950's in custom cabinet

Knight amp chassis, Girth Master circuit,

and crypto graphic front panel

VOSTOK clone with stereo effects loop and dual 40 watt output transformers!


35 watt version of the 2 TONE, built inside

a Bell public address amp, and operates

class A or class A/B with selector switch.

The Aural Illusion aka  "Chicken Cooker"

Built from a 1950's Stromberg-Carlson P.A. head

with matching 2x10 open back extension cabinet.

Exotic solid hardwood rig, featuring the WEZO TWIN head, extension cabinet with a 10 and 12 inch speaker, wedge monitor speaker with dual 10's

and matching wood remote control channel switch.

"wiggy" conversion from solidstate to 30 watt class-A tube amp

Head Unit:

The first harmonica modded amp from MegaTone!

12 watt Bogen DB10 chassis, fit inside a Ken Jones

cabinet with matching extension cabinet.

"ENIGMA" cabinet:

Designed by Mike Wesolowski, containing four ten

inch speakers along with two eight inch speakers

in a semi-open back design.

2 channels (tweed pro & JTM45)

built inside a 1940 Bogen head shell