Top Quality Components
•Custom Mercury Magnetics transformers (4)
•Chrome plated steel chassis
•Mallory 150 coupling caps
•F&T high voltage caps        
•Alpha pots
•Silver Teflon wire
•Gold reverb connectors
•JJ premium tubes
•Finger jointed Baltic birch cabinet
•Your choice of 12 inch Eminence or Jensen speaker
•Accutronics long type dual spring tank
•Tuki isolation tank bag
•Tuki thick padded cover included

The ECHO amp is similar to a '64 Super Reverb without tremolo.  The build is rugged point to point construction and features the finest transformers from Mercury Magnetics.  The control panel has a three way EQ, separate dwell and mix reverb controls, mid boost pull switch, and a great sounding master volume.  On the back is a cabinet voiced line-out jack, an external speaker jack, ground lift switch, and 8 or 16 ohm selector switch. Very conservatively rated at 35 watts RMS from a pair of 6L6GC  power tubes.  A wide variety of speaker compliments will fit into this versatile cabinet. Miles of clean head room or thick harmonic grind - all possible with this amazing amp.

All Tube Signal Path:   5AR4  6L6GC   6L6GC   12AT7   12AX7   12AT7   12AY7

Cabinet:  11d x 22w x 18h  inches, 48 lbs. with single Tonker 12 inch speaker
Warranty: 3 years to original owner on everything but tubes (60 days)

Nod to the classic reverb amps of the mid 1960's

E  C  H  O

Bob Margolin performs in The Tone Lounge with the MegaTone ECHO amp, along with the Rim-Shot band

Demo MP3 Clips Performed By Rob Slater, recorded & produced at Earthtones Recording Studio, Greensboro NC