Limited edition wide panel WEZO ME18 w/EF806 preamp tube

110 watts of lethal harp tone, w/KT120 power tubes

Princeton Reverb clone with 12 inch speaker

dual channel RANGEMAX boost pedal

1st WEZO harp amp models

featuring variable asymmetric drive

SJ ONE (1 watt Silver Jubilee head)

WEZO 45 harp amp combo

Dual EL34 power tubes running single ended class-A operation.

Power scaling and tube driven series-parallel effects loop.

2 channel harp amp, 45 watts and remote control

Discontinued Models

Light box, inserts light bulbs in series for gently reforming

capacitors in vintage gear, and sonic application as a variac type device

10 watt JCM800 clone w/cathode biased EL84's

Class-A 10 watts w/power scaling

JTM45 clone with master volume on rear panel

4.5 watt JCM800 - operates as a head or preamp