Inspired by the Nordic sword that dominated warfare in medieval times.  All tube signal path, featuring a 6BL8 preamp tube that contains a pentode and triode.  For use as subtle warm boost or complete mayhem, and everything in between.

Back in the early 1960’s before there was such a thing as high gain, the Dallas Rangemaster Treble Booster was the secret weapon that Eric Clapton, Tony Iomi, and many others used to turbo charge their sound. Fast-forward forty years, apply modern engineering, and you have our interpretation of a classic we call the Rangemax.  

Don't be fooled by this one knob wonder! This is our second generation version of the RANGEMAX, a clean boost pedal that allows you to hit the front of your amp with a bigger juicier signal from your guitar. Included is a low impedance output buffer, and true bypass. Each one is hand wired and built with top quality components. This pedal increases the gain in a transparent musical way, without coloring the sound of your guitar or amp. Connect your guitar directly to the Rangemax, or use it at the end of your pedal board to restore lost gain and focus. With the built in buffer, long output cables are no problem for the Rangemax, your signal retains full signal bandwidth.  Expect more clarity and punch, notes pop as the volume is turned up, the secret to getting more from your amp.

Silver plated Teflon coated wire
Switchcraft connectors
Select signal path capacitors for optimum tone
Very low noise, gain from unity to +24dB
Low impedance output buffer drives long cables without loss
True bypass
Hand wired with fanatical attention to detail
Blue LED active when unit is on
Will operate from 9 volt external input voltage, center negative, 25mW
Battery included
Size: 3.5 x 4.5 x 1.5 inches
One year warranty


Controls include Volume, Gain, Mid (with pull mid boost), Tone (w/pull clip), 
true bypass foot-switch, ground lift switch, powered by 120 volts AC 
Mercury Magnetics power transformer, point to point construction  $425


E N H A N C E D  F O C U S – P U N C H – S U S T A I N


P E D A L   T E N D E R I Z E R

You’re jamming with your favorite effect pedal and you notice that it has developed a happening new tone but shortly after that the battery died.  Now you can capture that special tone with the Brown Out Pedal Tenderizer.

This pedal has two independent channels with a special Voltage Adjustment Control (use a guitar pick or small screw driver) and a Sag Control.  The Voltage Control is variable from 3.5 volts up to 10.5 volts and is regulated to stay put wherever it’s set. The Sag Control further simulates the compressive effect that happens with a weak battery.

The Brown Out is for those who want to go deep tone mining.  Some distortion pedals will deconstruct into a whole different sound when the voltage is reduced, others might sound better with the voltage set to max.  Other effects like chorus and delay can have a smoother, warmer tone with reduced voltage. Between altered Voltage and Sag, you can discover a whole other world of tone with the same old pedals you already own. Any effects pedal that has a standard center negative 9 volt connector will work and adaptor cables are readily available in music stores to convert the plug to different 9 volt DC types. An external 12 volt power pack is included.

Switchcraft connectors
silver plated Teflon coated wire
point to point construction
Hand wired with fanatical attention to detail
12 volt external input voltage included with unit
Size: 3.5 x 4.5 x 1.5 inches
One year warranty

Drops into a Fender strat and other model guitars - installed price starts at $285
Volume control when in down position, puts guitar electronics in stock setup, up engages the RANGEMAX.  Quotes provided if further body modification is required.