the 6Y5 rectifier is one of the secrets to why the sound is so lush


Mercury transformer set  (3)

6Y5  ECC99  12AU7  EF86   

Jupiter coupling caps in main signal path

Sprague-Atom HV filter caps

Aluminum chassis

Finger jointed Baltic birch cabinet 

Weight: 24 lbs.  19w x 9h x 9d

Warranty: 3 years on everything except tubes (60 days)

$1350   and includes padded Tuki cover

Inspired by the VOX AC-15   we offer you a scaled down studio version of this iconic classic.  Enormous Mercury transformers and special select tubes create a huge soundscape at friendly ear and mic sound pressure levels.  Like a Swiss army knife, you can experiment with any 12A or 12BH7 type tubes for the phase inverter or power tube to create less power and earlier breakup.

Tone controls include a variable coupling cap switch for the bass contour, along with a wide range treble control.  High and low impedance input jacks, and the volume control has a fat pull swich.  On the back is a 3 way impedance switch and dual parallel speaker jacks.  The line out jack is cabinet voiced, has  a safe gound lift switch, and IEC receptacle with mains fuse.

AC-1.5  Guitar Amp Head