Our design morphs the mythical '59 tweed deluxe, with a brown face deluxe and twin tone stack.  Then we mix in a post PI master volume and gain boost pull switch.

Studio demo clips, performed by Matt Sickels, recorded at Earthtones Recording studio.
Amplifier power tube compliment is a pair of 6V6's and 5Y3 rectifier into a Megatone 4x10 open back cabinet.

Price  $1,790
Optional Tuki Soft Padded Cover: $90


Mercury power transformer & choke

Mercury Radiospares output transformer

Tubes 22 watts:  5AR4    6L6GC x 2   12AX7 x 2

Tubes 18 watts:  5Y3GT  6V6GT x 2  12AX7 x 2

Capacitors:  Sprague Atom and Jupiter

Carbon composition plate resistors

Point to point construction, silver Teflon wire

Finger jointed Baltic birch cabinet

Weight: 30 lbs.  22w x 10h x 8.5d

Warranty: 3 years on everything except tubes (60 days)