Two channels, foot switching, high gain, 100 watt amp, with the option of using KT120 power tubes for 140 watts. 

The power amp in the 2-Tone starts with a fixed-bias, pair of KT88's, running about 700 volts on the plates, with four preamp tubes, including an EF86 pentode tube that produces thick layers of harmonic content.

A single input jack feeds two pre-amp circuits, one for clean tones and another for the higher gain overdrive channel.  The clean channel has a single gain control, and the overdrive channel has its own gain control.  Our tone stack has bass-mid-treble EQ control and is shared with both channels.  The mid control has a built-in pull switch, out for mid boost, in for mid scoop.  Has a transparent master volume control. 

Price  $2,500.00
Optional Tuki Soft Padded Cover: add $95

Optional serial tube effects loop: add $150



Mercury transformer set  

2 x KT88's  12AX7  EF86  12AX7  2 x 12AX7

Jupiter coupling caps in main signal path

JJ HV filter caps

Finger jointed Baltic birch cabinet 

Weight: 24 lbs.  22 x 10 x 8.5

Warranty: 3 years on everything except tubes (60 days)